Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu Plan

Chicken was on sale this week at the grocery store.  We got another roaster for five bucks!  That's dinner on Friday.  Trying to mix up what we eat each week, pork and chicken seem to be the cheapest forms of eating.  Discussed going fishing with the hubs this coming spring, but that's not going to help us out right now.  It's twenty degrees outside.  I can't think I'd enjoy fishing very much when it's that cold.

Anyway, for's our primal menu for the week.  Primal on a budget for less than $125 bucks a week!

Monday: Paleo Spaghetti - with spaghetti squash
Tuesday: Primal Chicken Parm (with cheese!)
Wednesday: Portobello Turkey Burger with sweet potato fries.
Thursday: Pork Chops with spaghetti squash
Friday: Rosemary Apple Chicken
Saturday: Chive Butter Roasted Chicken
Sunday: Leftovers

Be sure to check out Organizing Junkie for more great menu plans.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Food Journal -- Day 22

Today was a great day.  Starting to feel better, getting off the couch and getting the house cleaned up.  Was a great food day too.

Lost since last weigh in: 1
Total pounds lost: 11
Pounds to goal: 17

Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee with half and half
Lunch: Chicken/Avocado Salad
Dinner: Paleo Spaghetti and meat sauce (spaghetti squash noodles)

I'm still glowing from dinner.  It was so incredibly good.  The spaghetti squash was so comforting.  I'm sad that was the only one that grew in my garden this year.  Now I have to go out and buy some.  It's amazing how long they'll sit in your basement and not go bad too.  I harvested it in August, and ate it in January.  How about that.

For snacks, I munched on sunflower seeds.  Wasn't really much of a snack day.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Food Journal -- Day 21

I've been pretty sick these last few days.  I've had more carbs then I probably should, but I'm still on track.  Twenty one days now, and ten pounds gone.  This is exactly how much I lost when I did the first 21 days last year.  Ten pounds is good.

Lost since last weigh in: 2
Total pounds lost: 10
Pounds to goal: 18

Here's what I ate today

2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 1 apple, 2 cups of coffee with half and half (huge breakfast!)

Side salad, and a half a bratwurst

Fajita/Chicken Salad

For snacks I ran to an organic trail mix I found that's mostly sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, with a few cashews, almonds and raisins thrown in.  Other then feeling like my head was going to explode, it's been a great day.  I'm over this virus.  It's time for it to go.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Food Journal -- Day 17

Lost since last weigh in: 0
Total lost: 8
Pounds to goal: 20

Again, I only sat down for one meal.  I don't have much of an appetite.  It's hard to know if it's the cold, or the diet, or a combination of both keeping my appetite at bay.  Here's what I ate.

2 cups of coffee with half and half
1 banana (I know, it's a no no) and a handful of almonds
3 hard boiled eggs mashed up with avocado and mustard
1 chicken quarter with roasted cauliflower

Other than the banana, it was a really good day.  I felt crappy because of this stupid cold, and needed some comfort food.  It worked.  It was the only snack I had...although I did finish the day with a hot cup of tea.  Being sick sucks.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Food Journal -- Day 16

Today hasn't been so great.  I woke up with a scratch in my throat...and I've come down with something.  It's not the flu, but I have a small fever.  Hopefully I'll get over it quickly.

Lost since last weigh in: 0
Total pounds lost: 8
Pounds to goal: 20

I grazed again today.  I really didn't want breakfast.  Here's what I ate.

2 cups of coffee with creamer
2 chicken drum legs
A boiled egg with avocado and mustard.
Pork chops

For snacks I went to Tanka bites (if you don't know what these are, find them...they're yummy), grape tomatoes, carrots and almonds.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Food journal -- Day 15

Today started off happily at the same weight I was yesterday. It took so long for those two pounds to disappear I was afraid they'd be back this morning. They weren't.

Lost since last weigh in: 0
Total pounds: 8
Pounds to goal: 20

This has been a strange day. I grazed most of the day on the crock pot chicken I made yesterday.  Just picking at it in the crockpot. I can't say that I actually sat down and had a meal today, so I'll just list what I ate instead.

2 cups of coffee with half and half
Crock pot chicken picked at through out the day
2 hard boiled eggs, mashed up with mustard and salad greens.
Handful of almonds, and blueberries.

It doesn't seem like I ate very much when I list it like that. Funny, once you're in the primal flow I don't think food is on your mind very much. So much so my kids need to remind me it's getting close to lunch and that they're hungry....because I really wasn't.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Food Journal -- Day 14

Finally!  I saw the scale change.  It's been almost a week, and I was getting grumpy about it.  This morning there was a change!

Lost since last weigh in: 2
Total pounds lost: 8
Pounds to goal: 20

I need to be more patient.  My average loss last year was 10 pounds a month.  That's a healthy speed, and 2 pounds a week is also a healthy speed.  Breathe and be ok with it!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 cups of coffee with creamer
Lunch:  Chicken drumsticks with side salad
Dinner: Crockpot chicken...super yum.

Today for snacks I ran to almonds, and more chicken drum sticks!!